New Brewing Equipment & Winery Supplies

FInd the industry’s newest commercial brewing equipment and winery supplies through GW Kent to fit your brewery, winery, or processing facility. The efficiency of your equipment can not only save you time, but can save you money. Don’t waste your product or your profits by using old equipment.
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  1. Tank Cone
    Tank Cone
  2. Beer Hex Nut
    Beer Line Wing Nut
  3. Water Filter Housing 10"
    Water Filter Housing 10"
  4. Lallzyme Beta 100 gram
    Lallzyme Beta 100 gram
  5. Tank Dollie
    Tank Dollie

    Starting at $235.00

  6. Cooling Plates
    Cooling Plates

    Starting at $229.00

  7. Alcohol Burner
    Alcohol Burner
  8. Pig Tail Proof Coil
    Pig Tail Proof Coil
  9. Barrel Bung Puller Set
    Barrel Bung Puller Set
  10. Hoop Driver for Barrel
    Hoop Driver for Barrel
  11. Bag Filter - Sanitary #2
    Bag Filter - Sanitary #2
  12. Dispensing Regulator
    Dispensing Regulator
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