Get the commercial wine making equipment you need for your winery from the expansive GW Kent online inventory of professional wine making supplies. From grape destemmers to corking machines, GW Kent is sure to have what you need to fashion your professional winery with the most efficient equipment in the industry.

The GW Kent stock of commercial wine making equipment and wine making supplies are both unsurpassed in quality and price in comparison to any competitor in the industry. In this section you will find every piece of commercial wine making equipment you need to fashion your facility including cellar equipment and supplies, control and monitoring items, fittings and valves, filtration machines and supplies, grape processing equipment, ingredients, tanks and fermentors, and packaging equipment and supplies to put your product on the market.

Select from the largest tank stock available in the United States including the Supreme Variable capacity Flat Bottom Tank, Supreme Tank Conical Bottom without Cooling Jacket, Supreme Tank Conical Bottom with Cooling Jacket, and more. Outfit your new tank with the industry’s best quality gaskets, fittings, and valves including must-have wine making equipment like butterfly valves and sanitary ball valves.

In addition, GW Kent carries an array of sight glasses sure to meet the need of your commercial wine making supplies list, like the Sight Glass TC, Vista Sight Glass TC, Sight Glass with Protector TC, Tank Top Mount Sight Glass with Light TC, and Processing View Sight Glass TC.

GW Kent oak products are essential to the wine making supplies list and allow professional wine makers to add oak flavor and character to their product from a wide selection of oak and toast levels. The inventory is entirely made with oak seaosned for 24 months with a GW Kent unique toasting process that creates flavors and aromas without harsh and bitter wood tannins.  Choose from granular oak powder, oak chips, oak barrel sticks, and oak stave tanks inserts.

Select from the commercial wine making equipment inventory of corkers and corker/cagers, wax dipping machine, screw capping machine, and more for the perfect seal to keep your product fresh in one of GW Kent’s wine bottles - cork finished with bottle neck opening of 18 mm for standard wine cork.

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