Five Star - CMC Chlorinated Manual Cleaner - 50 lb Pail

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  • A cleaner specifically designed for manual applications such as a brush, spray bottle or soaking equipment.  Free-flowing powder allows for a quick mix into solution and easily used for all levels of professionals.

Key Features

  • Penetrates and lifts soils quickly
  • Leaves stainless steel surface streak free
  • Controlled sudsing clings to vertical surfaces to continue cleaning after scrubbing is finished


  • Odor: Slight Chlorine
  • Foam: Moderate - stable
  • Available Chlorine: 35 ppm @ 1 oz./gallon
  • pH at 0.5 oz/gallon: 10.8
  • pH at 1 oz/gallon: 11.3
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Appearance: Solid – White Granules

General Use Instructions

  1. Fill container with water at temperatures 160F – 180 F.
  2. Pour liquid at a dosage rate of 2 oz. per gallon.
  3. Dissolve liquid completely into solution.
  4. Soak equipment for 15 minutes.  Use brush as needed to further dislodge soils.  Heavy soil loads may require longer soak times.
  5. Rinse with water that is the same temperature as the cleaning solution.
  • Aside from a good rinse directly after use, cleaners are the first- and arguably most important- step to any efficient cleaning program.  Cleaning removes excess dirt, oil and other substances that may be left over from manufacturing, making a clean slate for the rest of the process.  If equipment is not properly cleaned, the rest of the process will become less efficient.
  • A good cleaning product will work to remove organic soils on contact, without requiring laborious scrubbing.  When looking for a new product, take into account your manufacturing process, amount of leftover soils, and the equipment’s materials.
  • Five Star Chemicals is a full-service provider of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for breweries, distilleries, cideries, wineries, and other beverage industries.  As a proven leader since 1980, Five Star has developed many unique, innovative and patented products. Many Five Star products are approved for use by the USDA, FDA or EPA.  All products have been formulated with safety, equipment material, compatibility, and quality in mind.
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Weight (lb) 52.000000
Micron 10 - 25 micron
CMC_SDS (125.36 kB)
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