Five Star - 5.2 pH Stabilizer Phosphate Buffer - 12 x 1 lb Jar

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  • Minimum order 1 case of 12 X 1 lb. Jars
  • A blend of food grade phosphate buffers designed to adjust pH in the mash or water without adding unnecessary flavors.  If using in the boil, hops usage will become more consistent and hard water salts will stay in solution thus reducing scaling in heat exchangers, fermenters, and kegs.
  • Appearance: White Powder


  • Foam: None
  • Solution: 5.2
  • Solubility: 22 grams per 100 gallons of water
  • Country of Origin: USA

General Use Instructions

  1. Dissolve desired amount into small amount of water to rehydrate
  2. Add 2 oz. per 31 gallons of water to your brew kettle while mashing
  • Five Star Chemicals is a full-service provider of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals for breweries, distilleries, cideries, wineries, and other beverage industries.  As a proven leader since 1980, Five Star has developed many unique, innovative and patented products. Many Five Star products are approved for use by the USDA, FDA or EPA.  All products have been formulated with safety, equipment material, compatibility, and quality in mind.
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Weight (lb) 14.000000
Micron 10 - 25 micron
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