Butterfly Valve Replacement Valve Seat - 2"

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  • This replacement valve seat is designed specifically for our SKU #:L 915-20 butterfly valve.  It will not fit properly inside of other butterfly valve brands.
  • A valve seat is essentially where the moving component of a valve rests when in the closed position.  The butterfly valve internal disc rests securely on the seat to close and seal the valve. 
  • This seat is made of food grade EPDM which stands up well to acids, alkalines, steam and ozone and it is also tear-resistant. 
  • The temperature range is from -55F up to 275F. 
  • EPDM seats are stiffer than those made of silicone, so they may be a bit harder to change out than silicone seats.
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Weight (lb) 0.500000
Connection 2"
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