Barrel Bung Puller Set

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  • Handy type, quick acting, easy to use to remove wood bungs from various barrel types
  • Prevents cracked staves, broken bungs, slivers and chips falling into barrel
  • Machined screw point is made from hardened steel
  • “T” body of tool made from cast steel
  • No pounding, saves wear and tear on barrels
  • Works like a corkscrew
  • Place point of screw in center of bung, tap several times with sliding sleeve; give screw a few full turns, pull handle up quickly and bung comes out clean, keeping splinters from falling into barrel
  • John Stortz and Son, Inc. has been making high quality specialty hand tools since 1853.  They are still operating out of the same factory in Philadelphia 170 years later.
Material: Mild steel painted
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Weight (lb) 3.000000
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