Suction Screen Probe

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  • Our suction screen probe, also called a “rocket”, is made of sanitary, heavy-duty 304L stainless steel. 
  • It is designed to be easy to clean and handle.
  • It allows free-run juice to be pumped out of an open top fermenter, leaving behind the seeds and skins. 
  • This useful tool is also used frequently for pump-overs. 
  • The suction screen probe is punched through the cap in order to reach the fermenting juice underneath the cap. The juice is pumped up from the bottom of the open top tank or bin and then sprayed over the top of the cap.  This process of pump-overs (remontage in French) is performed in order to increase extraction.  How long and how often this is done affects how much color pigment, tannins and flavor are extracted from the grape skins.  The cap is mostly grape skins that have floated to the top of the must due to the release of carbon dioxide.  It is a semi-solid layer that needs to be kept wet.

•  304 stainless steel, sanitary construction and polish, very easy to clean.

•  Consists of suction screen 4" in diameter and length of 25" long connecting to suction wand with tri-clamp. Total length is 50". 

•  Connection 2" TC.  Perforated screen is 14 gauge with 4 mm holes.

•   Can be moved from tank to tank. 

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Weight (lb) 43.000000
Micron 10 - 25 micron
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