Pall SUPRAdisc II Modules 12" X300

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Pall Supradisc II - a fully enclosed modular filter sheet system. These filter sheets are constructed in a modular design and can easily be inserted into filter housing. It's possible to back flush the modules and reuse them many time. The modules can be stored in the housing for extended periods of time, which aids in cost saving. Another advantage is extremely low product loses. Each 12" module has 1.8 sq. meter of surface area. Therefore a 4 high system is equivalent to forty five 40 x 40 filter sheet. Very easy and quick change out, filter line downtime is reduced to a minimum.
* highest structural robustness due to dual drainage plates. * Interlocking and welded drainage plate. * Optimized flow distribution upstream and downstream of the filter sheets. * Filter media is less susceptible to blinding. * Fully supported filter sheets inhibit the rupturing of filter sheet under back pressure. * Steam sterilizable at 125 C degree for 30 minutes. * All plastic components meets USP Class VI and fully traceable by serial number.
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