Pall SUPRAdisc AKS4 Carbon Filter Module - 12"

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  • The Pall SUPRAdisc II filter media is a fully enclosed Lenticular modular filter system.  Designed with new separator technology these discs feature rigid construction with high package density. 
  • Unlike some other lenticular modules these Pall SUPRAdisc filter modules can be back-flushed for multiple re-uses when flushed with the optional back-flush plates. 
  • Our back-flush plate SKU # 3450-10 and #3450-11. 
  • With a lenticular filter the entire process avoids air contact because it is a fully enclosed system.  No dripping like a plate & frame filter, and almost no product loss because you can push the product out of the disc when a filter run is finished by using gas pressure. 
  • The up-front cost of a lenticular filter module is higher than plate & frame filter sheets, but over time it is less expensive because of the ability to back-flush and re-use multiple times. 
  • Each 12” module provides 1.8 square meters of surface area, so a lenticular filter gives a lot of filter performance with a small footprint. 
  • Set up is quicker and easier than with a plate & frame filter. 
  • This particular module is for carbon adsorption applications in the food and beverage industry.  Activated Carbon treatment for color/flavor adjustment, and color and odor removal.

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