Carbonation Stone - 12" Assembly

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Sanitary designed for tank mounting, with build-in check valves and pipe extension. The most efficient system on the market for carbonation or micro-oxygenation. Submersing porous body diffuses CO 2 gas directly into liquid to create carbonation or micro-oxygenation. Using carbonation, it is possible to remove excessive quantity of dissolved air.

Outstanding carbonation assembly with 12” 316L sintered stainless steel “stone”. The porous carb stone diffuses very tiny bubbles of CO2 gas through the 0.2 micron pores in the sintered stainless steel tube. Can also be used with air to aerate wort. The tank connection is 1.5” TC and includes a built-in check valve to prevent backflow from the brite beer tank.

• Diffusing stone is 316 stainless steel with 1” OD x 12” long and 0.2 micron porosity

• 1-1/2” tri-clamp connections to tank

• 1/4" female NPT gas connection,

• Built-in sanitary check valve and extension for tank.

• Whole assembly can be taken apart for cleaning and diffusing stone can be replaced if clog.

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Weight (lb) 7.000000
Size 1" x 12" stone
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