Mauribrew Ale Dry Yeast 500 gram

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Selected pure active dry brewing yeast, saccharomyces cervisiae strain, top fermenting ale brewing yeast. A rapid fermenter at warm temperatures, resulting in a typical fermentation time of 3 - 7 days.

• Optimal temperature is 62F.- 86F. Beer structure may benefit from fermentation with this strain after acclimatising to a lower temperatures for prolonged yeast control at 50 - 59F. This strain rapidly attenuates fermentable sugars with a typical wort falling from a gravity of 1040 -1045 resulting in a beer of less than 1008.

• This ale yeast is renowned for its tolerance in commercial beer styles with up to 9.5% alcohol, produce nominal yeast head through fermentation with excellent final clarity and settling properties.

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Type Ale yeast
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