Manual Rinser & Sparger For Bottles

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  • This commercial grade, bottle rinser and sparger is made in Italy by Tardito, a leading designer and manufacturer of bottle rinsing equipment. 
  • Rinse your bottles with water and sparge them with inert gas just prior to filling. 
  • Ensures that your wine is protected from the damaging effects of exposure to air and that your bottles are clean. 
  • To operate, simply push the upside down bottle downward onto the stainless steel nozzle to activate.  Two of the nozzles will spray the inside of the bottles with water and then the other two nozzles will inject inert gas into the bottles. 
  • The stainless steel nozzles are 88 mm long and are 7.5 mm in diameter so they will fit most wine bottles.

•   Rinser with 2 water jets as bottle rinser, water filter is included.

•   Two jet spargers for gas, includes gas regulator and set up.

•   Stainless steel frame on low stand for easy working height.

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