Adjustable Vacuum & Pressure Relief Valve 2" TC

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Fermenter vacuum & pressure relief valve that can be calibrated by turning nut position from 1 bar to 2 bar to meet tank pressure rating. Sanitary design and construction for beer tank. Most PRVs are fixed to release pressure at a pre-set amount of pressure, but this pressure release valve allows you to adjust the release pressure to your requirements.

• Made of 304 stainless steel

• 2" tri-clamp connections

• Pressure 1 - 2 bar

*** To ajust PRV pressure relief, use a triclamp Tee with gas inlet on one port, pressure gauge and PRV on other 2 port.   Wear protect eyeware or face sheild.   Set the gas inlet to the desired relief pressure and validated with pressure gauge reading.  Adjust with a 3/8" drive rachet wrench so gas is just leaking out at the desired pressure.

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Weight (lb) 3.000000
Micron 10 - 25 micron
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