Adaptor DIN Liner - 20 mm x 1" TC

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  • Made of highly polished, sanitary 304L stainless steel this adapter allows you to connect a DIN fitting to a TC clamp fitting. 
  • European-made equipment often uses DIN fittings, but most American brewers, distillers, winemakers and other processors use TC fittings. 
  • This adapter gives you an easy sanitary way to connect between the two types of fittings, without cutting off DIN fittings and welding on TC fittings.
  • This adapter has a 1” TC ferrule on one end and a 20 mm DIN liner on the other end. 
  • The DIN liner end includes a DIN nut to allow connection to a DIN male ferrule.
DIN liner with nut for connection to DIN male ferrule.
More Information
Weight (lb) 1.000000
Size DIN 20 mm x 1" TC
Micron 10 - 25 micron
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