Mauribrew Lager Dry Yeast 500 gram

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Selected pure active dry brewing yeast, saccharomyces cervisiae strain, bottom fermenting lager yeast.

• When temperatures are maintained at 68 F the fermentation of normal worts is complete within 5 days. When temperature is below 68 F the rate of fermentation proceeds in more controlled fashion and at a reduced rate.

• The strain has low oxygen requirements through fermentation. Desirable flavor characters result from ambient fermentations at 59 - 86 F. temperature range.

• Final gravity loss may be achieved through lagering down to 50 F. Sweet wort OG 1040 - 1045 is fermented normally to low final gravity.

• This strain forms no yeast hear throughout fermentation, with excellent natural setting properties and results in a green beer of good clarity and compacted yeast deposit.

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Weight 2.0000
Type Lager yeast
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