Laffort Tanin Galalcool 1 kg

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Tannin for the protection and treatment of white must and wine. Tanin galalcool is derived from the gall nut of oak trees. Specifically developed for addition to white wine because it is colorless. Tanin galalcool inhibits laccase activity and is recommended for use on grapes that have Botrytis, other molds or rot. This tannin also prevents oxidation and protects against browning, it also adds structure and eliminates excess protein. Pack in 2.2 lb. bag.

•   Inhibition of natural oxidation enzymes (laccase, polyphenol oxidase), more efficiently than SO 2.

•   Precipitation of some the unstable proteins, as efficiently as bentonite but without aroma loss.

•   Facilitation of clarification.

•   Doses and aims: • 5 – 10 g/hL: Eliminates slight protein turbidity, improves wine structure. • 2 – 4 g/hL: Sparkling wine bottling • 3 – 5 g/hL: Eliminates reduced odours

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