Laffort Tan'Cor Grand Cru Tanin 1 kg

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For use in aging high-quality red wines. Tan'Cor Grand Cru is a blend of highly polymerized and refined proanthocyanidic (grape) and ellagic (oak) tannins.

•   Tan'Cor Grand Cru enhances middle palate with the accrual of long-chain polyphenols, it also help to reduce the need for fining at the end of maturation.

•   Recommended dosage 1 - 2.4 lb. per 1000 gallon. Pack in 2.2 lb. bag.

•   Applications:

•   Enhance and modify the wine's structure and palate length.

•   Stabilize color by combining the remaining free anthocyanins.

•   Regulate oxidation-reduction phenomena.

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