Kettle Brew System

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Simple brewhouse set up for start up brewery with tight space and budget. Professional design and sanitary constructed with 304 stainless steel for producing premium beer. System available 3 bbl., 5 bbl. and 7 bbl, please email for quote.

●    Brew Kettle (Direct-fire, burner not included)    Double walled insulated with cladding, two TC outlets with valves.

●    Mash & Lauter Tun     Double walled insulated with Cladding, two TC ports with valves, V-Wire Screen,  square side Manway for Grain out

●   Hot Liquor tank  Double walled insulated with Cladding,  Two TC ports with valves

●   Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

●   Butterfly valves, Sight glass and check valve.

●   Sanitary centrifugal wort pump.

●   Manual control.

●   Wort Transfer Hose with hose barbs & fittings

●   CIP Spray Ball


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